Friday, January 25, 2008

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CrochetandKnitting Newsletter
Friday, January 25, 2008

In this Issue:

- News from BizyMoms

- Grape doily found

- Pattern search. Can anyone help?

- Make your slipper soles last longer

- More visitors for your site or blog

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I've managed to get a flu, but I
won't let it keep me down, not for too long at a time
anyway. Perhaps an early bedtime tonight would do
me good,

Susan Hutson from Bizymoms, where they help women
start a business from home, sent me an email. She wanted
me to pass on this information to you.

Susan says they want as many moms as possible to start
a home business this year. So they have dropped the price
of their Premium Career Kits. This includes their Easy Start
Program, helpful ebooks and a Lifetime Website.

She also said in addition to lowering the price, they have
also started creating new career kits at the same low price.
Coming soon is Event Planning, Jewelry, Errand Service,
General Crafts and more.

You can check out what Bizymoms has to offer here.
They also have home business ideas, articles and

At the Crochet and Knitting Forum
Cindy was looking for a grape doily pattern. I found one

Char found some more grape doily patterns. I like this one.

Loraine gave us the link to one she made. I like this one too!

These are so pretty! I want to make some too. I was thinking
they would look really nice on my bookcase.

Jacqueline is looking for a pattern of a double knitting
cardigan from the late 1950's. Her mother had made this for
her when she was a teenager. Unfortunately, no one has been
able to help her find it yet.

If anyone knows where she can find this pattern it would be
greatly appreciated. She would like to have the pattern for
sentimental reasons. You can reply to her post on the
forum .

Here is her description of the pattern:
"The back was knitted in one piece - two rows knit two
rows purl up the armholes then casting on stitches on either
side to form sleeves when the stitches changed to a diamond
shape. Likewise the fronts were knitted up to the armholes
and then the diamond pattern. Stitches were then picked
up round the sleeve ends and the wristbands knitted.
Stitches were picked up down the length of the fronts and
the buttonhole bands knitted."

About the soles on yarn slippers.

In a previous issue, I mentioned Jackie had emailed me about
crocheted slippers soles that wear out quite fast. She really
likes my "Easy Slippers For Beginners" and I also make
many of these each year for my husband.

I never did get around to trying the Phentex yarn for the
soles, but on the last pair I made for my husband, I took
my glue gun and put the glue on the soles. I didn't just let
the glue set on top of the yarn, I would put a line of glue
across a row, then I would take the hot tip of the gun and
melt the glue right down into the fibers.

So far so good! He wears his slippers all the time while he
is inside and the soles on this pair show no sign of wear yet
at all! So I am happy about that. I thought I would pass this
tip on to you too, if you are having problems with the soles
wearing out on crochet or knit slippers.

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