Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year and more.

CrochetandKnitting Newsletter
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I'm a little late, as we are 8 days into it now,
but I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.

At the Crochet and Knitting Forum
"Betty Crochet" is looking for a pattern by Priscilla
Hewitt called the Pinwheel Quilt Afghan. We've been
trying to help her find it, but so far no luck, so if anyone
knows where she can get it, it would be appreciated.

Anyway, while searching Cheryl came across an
interesting site.
It has a Pin Wheel Afghan, but it's not the one Betty
was looking for. It's a beautiful pattern, though.

While looking at that page, I followed the link in the left
hand column to the Sea Shell Afghan. I really liked that
one! I am making it, but using different colors for a baby
afghan. Another one of my niece's is expecting her baby
in April, so I decided to start on a baby afghan now and
this pattern seemed perfect.

That site has Free Vintage Crochet patterns so I
thought some of you may be interested in them too.
(Thanks for posting that link on the forum, Cheryl.)

Jackie had emailed me about crocheted slippers.
She really likes my "Easy Slippers For Beginners"
at http://crochetandknitting.com/slpprs8.htm
I like them too as I made many of them each year
for husband. Jackie asked me about repairing the
soles. She said she wears hers out very quickly
and was wondering if she was being too hard on

I told her that she is definitely not too hard on them.
My husband will wear the soles out on his quickly
too. I have darned up the holes to make them last
a little longer until I could get a new pair made for

Jackie tried crocheting a new sole and sewing it
on, but she said it would have been quicker to
make new slippers.

Anyway, I told her about the Phentex yarn that is
100% Olefin and a lot more durable. It is called
Phentex Slipper and Craft Yarn. I think I will start
using that for the soles of slippers too. I'm not
sure yet how that type of yarn will fit in with
my slippers patterns because of the gauge, but it
is something I want to try this year.

Just for fun, I made a new page on my site for my
Crocheted Pictures of people. These were crocheted
from graphs. You can see them at

That is all for today. I am looking forward to 2008
and all the new projects we will be working on and
new craft ideas we will be sharing.


Sue Norrad
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