Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I have been doing.

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a long time since I made a post, but I've had some difficult times over the
past year. First my mother was diagnosed with cancer 2009, and she died on April 8, 2010.
My husband was ill and I had to call the ambulance on April 1, 2010. He was on life support
for a week. He came around and they took him off life support the same day my Mom

He was in the hospital for three weeks. It's a 2.5 hour drive from my home. The local hospital
sent him to that hospital as he needed dialysis. So when he was released from the hospital
he had to go back three times a week for dialysis. So I had been driving him down. It was
full days for us, 2.5 hour drive to and back, and 4 hours of dialysis. The doctors said there
was a very good chance his kidneys would recover, so we remained hopeful.

He was diagnosed with scleroderma, a rare type of arthritis that also attacks internal organs.
On July 8, 2010 we were getting ready to go to the hospital for his dialysis when he started
having seizures. I called the ambulance and he was taken to the local hospital. His blood sugar
was way low, but he was not diabetic. The doctor there said there was no reason for it and he
said from his bloodwork, his kidneys are functioning good enough not to need dialysis. So we
were very hopeful. They sent him to the hospital where he has dialysis so his doctors there
could check out what was going on. Everything went downhill when he got there, they had to
put him on life support again but he passed away before they even got it done.

This has been devastating for me as neither he nor I ever thought that he would not recover. So I've been having a hard time dealing with his death, as well as my Mom's. It all still feels like it just happened yesterday. So I've been having a hard time concentrating on much.

I will keep this blog as I may want to continue it someday. But for now I am concentrating on updating my website at and I am checking on my forum at even if I haven't posted much yet. I want to
remind you all that you can post more than just asking for help to find a pattern. You can post about patterns you like, links to your completed projects, etc.

Take care everyone,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About the newsletter
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello everyone,

I have decided to discontinue the newsletter. My newsletter
provider made a lot of changes to the control panel and whole
process of preparing the newsletter. And it won’t even work
right in the Firefox browser, which is my browser of choice,
so I have to use Internet Explorer to get past the first few
steps of preparing the newsletter.

So I decided that I didn’t need it anymore and closed my account.
I will be blogging from now on, plus I will be on my new Crafts
Forum at
and the old forum at

I should of sent one last newsletter out to let everyone know
that it was being discontinued, but I didn’t want to go through
the bother of trying to figure out the new control panel again.
So I thought I would just post about it here.

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!


Sue Norrad
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Crafts Forum News

CrochetandKnitting Newsletter
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we are moving to a new forum!
My friend, who’s name is also Sue, has invited “The
Crochet and Knitting Forum” to move to her forums at
Inner Connections.

We will now be at
Inner Connections is a lovely place with many other
forums such as Household Tips, Healing, Spiritual,
The Chapel, Weather, Pets etc, as well as “The CafĂ©”
which is for everyday chat.

We will be there with all these wonderful forums. To
get there from the front page, go to The Country Kitchen
and click on the drop down menu box
you will see “Crochet Sue’s Craft and Patterns”
or use this link to go directly to our new forum

I am going to be moving some of the posts on my
old forum at
There was a lot of good information there on crafts so I
want to bring them over to the new forum.

The forum on bravenet will remain for a year as I just
upgraded it to get rid of the ads. So you can also post there
if you want
but you might get an answer more quickly on the new forum.

On the new forum at Inner Connections it is very easy to
post, add photos, format text and there are lots of neat
emoticons to use in your posts and replies. You do have
to register. So come on over and see what you think.
So, if you have any photos in “Show and Tell” on
the old forum, feel free to post them again on the new
forum at IC.

We are still doing some work on it so the background
or some other things might change, but it’s all coming
together now and I’m sure there will be some great
new topics coming up! Hope to see you there!

That is all for today. Happy crafting!


Sue Norrad
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