Friday, November 30, 2007

Stockings, mittens and crochet lessons.

CrochetandKnitting Newsletter
Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Here we are at the end of November already! Time sure
flies and Christmas is creeping up on us. I see the stores
are decorated and people are trimming up the outside of
their houses. So I put some decorations up on my site, too.

On my forum at
someone is looking for a specific knit personalized Christmas
stocking pattern. If anyone can help her find the pattern, it
would be appreciated. It's the thread titled "pattern search,
knitted xmas stocking w/bells,santa,cane"

I found this one, but it's not the one she was looking for.
However, I wanted to give you the link as it's a nice
pattern and has a graph of all the letters of the alphabet.
You could use that to make your own personalized stocking
or use it at the top of any other stocking pattern.

Someone had emailed me to say they had seen my crocheted
mittens/fingerless gloves and was wondering if I knew of where
they could get a knit pattern. She said she had searched for hours
to find a pattern with no luck.

Well, there certainly is a knit pattern online.
Magical Mittens. I had made these before. It was this
pattern that inspired me to design a crocheted version.

Here are the links to my crocheted versions:
Women's (Women's medium, or teens. For a smaller size to fit
pre-teens, use a smaller hook.)
Men's (Medium Men's or older teenage boys, also may fit
women with larger hands. )

My friend, Sarah Beth, author of The Knitting Tips
free 5 day mini course and author of the free
Online Advanced Knitting Course has a new e-book!

This one is for crochet. It's called "Lessons in Crochet"

This book has a very cool new ebook technology, which
is a "page turning technology" that makes the book look
absolutely stunning on your screen, and lets you turn
pages just like a normal book.

With this e-book, you can learn how to crochet beautiful
projects in only three weeks, starting from scratch.

And in as little as 3 days, you'll review (and master)
fundamental crocheting techniques explained and illustrated
in the clearest manner you've ever seen.

Here Is Just A Sample Of What Is Included:

* A detailed description of yarns and what all those symbols
mean on the yarn skein.

* A never fail way to find the end of a skein, yes there really
is a trick to it!

* Learn all about the different weights of yarn and how you
can combine them.

* Foolproof techniques for choosing the right yarn for your

* All the most common crocheting abbreviations in one

* How to select the best pattern stitch for your next project.

* The trick to keeping tight stitches and a uniform appearance
around color and yarn changes

* Learn the secrets of beautiful finishing, including...
- How to join seams "seamlessly" and weave ends in securely so
that they won't be noticed
- Amazingly beautiful edgings that you can add to your project
- Lovely yet simple crocheted inserts for turning everyday linens
into fabulous guest linens fit for your best company or expensive
looking gifts.

* Fabulous motifs of stars, flowers and geometric shapes that
can be used for coasters, to dress up hats or other craft projects,
or to combine into an afghan.

* How to put your hook into the correct place in the stitch
every single time

* Technique for holding the hook correctly and keeping an even
tension across your work

* And so much more...

If this interests you, check out "Lessons in Crochet".

That is all for today. Have a great weekend!


Sue Norrad - Free Patterns, Craft Supplies
and much more.
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Brandi said...

Hi Sue! Great patterns--doing the fingerless glove/mitten pattern right now and I have a question.

For the index finger RNDS, you start on the side of the pinky and sc for 17, then chain and finish the circle for the index finger, and build the index finger hole. However, down at the "pinky" side, there is an unfinished row. I've looked through the entire pattern and can't figure out where this "row" gets finished. The instructions for the "little finger" seem like you just single crochet over top of it--disregarding the need to "finish" the row?? Is this correct?

Sue Norrad said...

Hi Brandi. Look at the pattern again under "Palm", you will see here where I explain that you will be finishing that row. It's the second text in blue that says:
"If you are having problems with the above instructions, this will explain it further:
You join to the sc on the row where you made the thumb. Look back under "Thumb" and see where you made the "1 sc in next 25 sc". Then you counted back 12 and joined to make the thumb opening. This left 13 sc worked on that row before the thumb opening, but the next 13 sc after the thumb opening was not worked.
What you are doing when you start the palm, is working those previously unworked 13 sc and joining to the first sc of the "25 sc" that you made when beginning the thumb."

I hope this helps!

Brandi said...

Yup, I got that part! (Surprisingly!) My question is about the row started after the palm, the row to start the index finger

"Index finger:
1 sc in next 17 sc, ch 2, beginning at the last sc you just made, count back 8 sc, ss to join to that sc, ch 1, turn. "

So, you start from the side of the mitten where the little finger will be and 17 sc, then ss to join to make the index finger. However, there are 26 sc in the "palm RND" so that leaves 9 sc that need to be gone back and finished, just like for the palm, but I can't seem to find the part in the pattern.

Unless I'm reading the "little finger" instructions wrong, and you're not supposed to sc all around, but instead sc until you meet the unfinished row and ss together?

I'm sorry for all the questions, I bought really nice yarn to make these for a trip to Europe, so I want to make sure I do it right! (I had made them before and just ignored the unfinished row near the pinky.)

Sue Norrad said...

I was a little confused as to why you would be mentioning the pinky finger, as you are working the index finger and will not be near the pinky yet. But I think I know now what you mean, yes those stitches are left unworked for the pinky, because if you hold your hand up in front of you, you will see that the pinky finger starts a little below the other fingers. If I made them all equally straight across the base of the little finger would be pulled up to match the base of the other fingers, so the fit would not be as good.
I hope I now understand what you were asking and this helps!