Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Halloween Crafts

The CrochetandKnitting Newsletter
Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I have an important notice to make first. My website,
including the forum will be down for approximately
10 - 12 hours on Oct. 20, 2007 starting at 11:00pm
Eastern Time.

My webhost informed me that they are relocating to a new
facility in Andover MA. They are moving for an array of
reasons that include faster, more reliable connections to
the Internet backbones, and new Sun server technology.
So I guess that is good.

With Halloween coming many are probably looking for
some patterns to craft.

Here are some cute ones I found online:

Jack O' Lantern (crochet)

Curly Purly Pumpkin (knit)

Jack O' Lantern Fridgie (crochet)
Jack O’ Lantern Coaster (crochet)
Jack O’ Lantern Hot Pad (crochet)
these 3 patterns are on this page.

Jack-O-Lantern (crochet)
Can be a pin or fridgie

Jack-Glow-Lantern (knit)

Spider on a Web (crochet)

Hallowig (knit)

Ghost Fridgie (crochet)

Ghost (knit)

Witch Hat (crochet)

Witch's Hat (knit)

9" Witch Doll (crochet)

Black Cat Fridgie (crochet)

Felt Pumpkins (knit)

Halloween Treat Basket (crochet)

Hallowe'en Trick-or-Treat Bag (knit)

Bat (crochet)

Batty Dishcloth (knit)

Of course there are lots of things you can craft for kids at
Halloween that doesn't use knit or crochet. My grandson
and grand niece get me to make them ghosts every

I make them from the small white plastic kitchen garbage
bags. I stuff the head with paper towels, then use clear
tape around the neck. Then tape down any edges on the
head. I then use a black marker to make two big oval
shaped eyes and an oval shaped mouth. Then I take
a darning needle and some string and sew through the
top of the head, going down into the paper towels and
back out and tie together.

The kids just love them. They play with them for days
around Halloween. They like to hang on the string and run
with them to make their ghosts fly. They throw them up in
the air and watch them fly back down.

My grandson likes to get my husband to play a game with
him too, called "Find the ghost". They will hide it and the
other has to try to find it. They give them hints by saying
you are "cold", if they are far away from it, or "getting
warmer", when they are getting close, and "hot" when
they are nearby it.

They play that game for hours and it can be so comical.
My husband usually hides it "in plain site". For example,
he will sit it up on top of a curtain rod or mirror or put it
in the oven with it's face peeking out up against the oven
door window (a cold oven of course!) It is usually harder
for my grandson to find it when it's hidden in plain site
as he goes for the cupboards and drawers to search for
it first. But when he does find it in plain site, he will
laugh and laugh.

So that is a very simple Halloween craft that you can make
at home with things you already have in your house. For
other craft ideas, Joann is having a sale on Halloween craft
supplies, such as Halloween Costume Patterns, Halloween
& Harvest Fabric, Halloween Scrapbooking, Halloween
Cake & Candy Kits, and Autumn Floral & Wreaths.
Click here.

You can also enter to win a $500 Yarn Lover's Dream
Package. No purchase necessary. It certainly would be
a dream to win that!

I was busy all last week working on a crocheted picture
of my son. I have just completed it yesterday and I have
posted a photo of it on my forum at

That is all for today. Have a great day everyone!


Sue Norrad
CrochetandKnitting.com - Free Patterns, Craft Discussions
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