Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some Updates on The Skorts Pattern

I have made some changes to the Skorts pattern posted below.

I am still on the first piece the "Back Left" of the second pair I
am making.

I have changed where it says "*1sc, 1dc* to end of row" and
replaced it with "Seed st (1sc, 1dc) to end of row", as everyone
will know from the instructions that Seed St means to make a sc
in the dc of the previous row and a dc in the sc on the previous
row. I will also do that on the other sections as I work away on
the second pair.

As well I corrected a few mistakes, such as Row 12 where it said
to seed st over 42 sts, it should be 43 sts. Rows 14 and 16 had the
wrong st counts too.

That is all for today,


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